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About Us

ABA Cuprum features the artistic handcraft of Peter Adamczyk.
ABA Cuprum is a private family business owned by Peter Adamczyk. Based in Ciechocinek, central Poland (close to Torun).
ABA Cuprum offers many types of articles. Most have decorative metalworking.

Offerings include Religious and Devotional Articles (including Icons, Crucifixes & Large Crosses, Rosary Boxes, Emblems-Medallions, Framed Reliefs, and Gospel Covers), Jewelery Boxes, Decorative Promotional Articles, Coat of Arms, Articles with Eagle Motifs, Picture Frames, Large Scale Bas Reliefs, Reproductions of Historical Jewish Articles, Book Covers , Photoholders, Gate & Door Decorations, Desk Accessories, Mirror, Clocks, & Knick-Knack Boxes.

All of our products are hand-crafted using traditional techniques.

Most of our designs are original and are invented by us. Although, we offer copies of ancient religious artifacts, the main focus is on our originality, composition and unrestricted artistic vision. That said, custom designs based on customer specifications are also our specialty.

We only use natural materials to emphasize the beauty of design traditions of the past.

The main material for our covers is copper. Fused with silver, it is the basis of our art work.

Metal elements are silver-plated and gilded with 24 carat gold. The finish product is an artistic collage, a blend of precious metals, wood, crystals, cotton, gemstones and hand-painted holy images.


ABA Cuprum started as a small business since 1985. ABA Cuprum has prospered and is now housed in a facility that can produce an icon 2 x 3 m (6 x 9 feet)! ABA Cuprum is owned by. Peter Adamczyk family.

Internationally, ABA Cuprum has exhibited in European countries. This includes KOINEXPO - Italy - Vicenza; International Trade Fair in Pompei, Italy (including namesake icons); Florence Gift Show, Italy; Altotting, Germany (including a namesake icon); GLORIA - Dornbirn, Austria and , since the first edition, in main Polish Exhibition - SACROEXPO

Outside Europe ABA CUPRUM exhibits on CMN trade shows in USA.


I give appreciation in memorium to three special people:

1. To Felixa, his maternal grandmother, who has had the "best and the biggest influence on me in whole my life, much bigger than my parents. She was an exceptional person."

2. To "Mr. Carlo Alberto Roncioni, nobleman from Toscany with Baltic ancestry. He died tragicaly some years ago in Luca, Toscany. This person and I met in Warsaw by coincidence, all by an Angel's touch. He saw my work and invited me to Italy; all was free for me. It was the hard time for my family. Then all good started to happen, like the acts of a good fairy act. It is not possible to forget this person and his big heart."

3. To Paula Clusserath, elderly German lady who lived in Rheinland on the Mosel River. "I felt her big will to buoy me up on my correct direction while my firm enountered its first difficulties and problems. Often she was the only light in a dark tunnel. She died some years ago. Having no possibility to light a candle on her grave, I offer this appreciation as such a light."

Thank you for visiting our site

Peter Adamczyk


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